Zimbabwean Agriculture Equipped with Iranian Technology

A0088736.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The Zimbabwean president said that equipping the agricultural sector of Zimbabwe with the Iranian technology will further consolidate relations between the two states.

In the course of his visit to Tabriz Tractor Manufacturing Factory in northwestern Iran on Wednesday, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe said; ” we are pleased to be here in Iran and would like to expand mutual relations in the agricultural sector in particular”.

Mugabe further laid emphasis on the expansion of mutual relations particularly in the agricultural sector and stated that farming and agriculture are integrated with the lives of the Zimbabwean people and that his country is very much interested to develop relations with Iran in farming and agricultural sectors.

The Zimbabwean president also called for the transfer of Iran’s experiences and equipment to his country for the purpose of mechanizing agricultural sector in Zimbabwe.

In this visit, the governor general of Iran’s East Azerbaijan province expressed his pleasure with the presence of the Zimbabwean president in his province and said, “as a freedom seeking figure who has waged struggle against the colonialists, your visit to East Azerbaijan province is of prime significance for the people and officials of this industrial province”.

Making reference to the positive and useful negotiations held between the Iranian and Zimbabwean presidents, Mohammad Kazem Memarzadeh expressed hope that the visit will facilitate consolidation of relations between the two nations.

The managing director of Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company, Arab Baghi meantime said that the feasibility study for investment by this company in Zimbabwe has been conducted and further expressed hope that with the assistance of the Zimbabwean president, the Iranian tractor manufacturing assembly line will be launched in Zimbabwe in the near future.

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