Iran Presses Ahead with Nuclear Fuel Cycle

A0247676.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stressed Iran’s resolve to continue with the production of nuclear fuel to satiate all the consumption needs of the country’s power plants.

Addressing a large and fervent congregation of the public in the northern city of Sari in his 22nd provincial visit on Tuesday, the president described the West’s alleged concerns about production of nuclear weapons by Iran as mere lies and said two or three EU states have been resisting against restoration of Iran’s rights, because they desire to monopolize control over science and technology.

“It is now clear to all that the West is not worried about proliferation of the (military) nuclear technology, rather they are worried about restoration of our rights and achievement of technology by Iran,” he reiterated.

Warning the western countries, Ahmadinejad continued, “If you embark on resisting against Iran through media propaganda or in any other form, our people will count it as enmity against the Iranian nation and they will revise Iran’s relations to you.”

He underlined that Iran will continue its path to production of nuclear fuel for all its power plants.

The president also stated that those who resist against the Iranian nation are showing a negligent and heedless behavior, and once again reminded that there is only one more step left to the heights of nuclear progress.

“We will celebrate stabilization of our nuclear rights till the end of this (Iranian) year (ending March 20),” he underscored.

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