Venezuelans’ Wide Participation in Elections Inspired by Islamic Revolution

A0212477.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stressed that the ideals of the Islamic Revolution have undoubtedly had influence in widening public participation in the presidential elections of that country.

According to a statement released by the Presidential Press Office, Chavez made the remarks during a phone talk with his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday.

During the phone conversation, Ahmadinejad said Venezuelans have elected Chavez as a result of a vigilant and conscious selection and stated that all freedom-seekers worldwide are pleased with reinstatement of Chavez in his post.

“Following this victory our responsibilities in campaigning against hegemony have grown heavier,” he mentioned.

The Iranian president further wished success and welfare for the Venezuelan nation and government, and said he was sure that Chavez would make more serious efforts to materialize the progress of his nation and to campaign for the establishment of justice and freedom.

For his part, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez noted that he had gained over 62% of votes, and described public participation in his country’s presidential elections as vigilant.

“No doubt, the ideals of the Islamic Revolution and your presence and addresses in Venezuela have played an influential role in the vigilant participation of the public in these elections,” he stressed.

Chavez said that his victory belongs to all those struggling against imperialism, and expressed the hope that Iranian nation and government will succeed in conquering the heights of progress and prosperity.

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