Iran won’t Bow to Pressure on N. Issue

A0177466.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani said on Tuesday Tehran would not bow to pressure to give up its right to nuclear technology.

Speaking at the regional Arab Strategy Forum in Dubai, Larijani said Iran was not seeking nuclear weapons, while he also stressed the country would not give up its inalienable rights.

Larijani further reiterated that American “unilateralism” could cause more conflict in the Middle East.

He told the conference that if the US set a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq it would be a “positive sign”.

Iran has been involved in a long running crisis with the West over its nuclear power plans.

It says it only wants to generate energy to produce domestic energy, but the US suspects that it may also be trying to develop nuclear weapons and has pushed for sanctions to be imposed on Tehran.

However Russia and China have so far refused to agree to such sanctions, which could be imposed after Iran was referred to the UN Security Council for failing to meet an August 31 deadline for ceasing uranium enrichment.

Officials from six international powers are due to meet in Paris on Tuesday for talks aimed at breaking the stalemate.

Political directors from UN Security Council permanent members Russia, China, France, Britain and the United States, plus Germany will attend the latest round of talks.

Iran’s opposition has set it at loggerheads with European countries and the United States, which has become increasingly impatient with Moscow’s attitude.

US Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns burst in anger last week when he said deliberations had been going on for far too long, adding, “It’s time for Russia and it is time for China to agree a sanctions resolution. We need to send a strong message.”

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