Turkey not Authorized to Re-export Iran’s Natural Gas

A0215406.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- In accordance with its 25-year-long gas contract with Iran, Turkey is not at all authorized to re-export Iran’s natural gas to any other country, Oil Minister Seyed Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh said here on Saturday.

The Iranian minister denied recent reports alleging that Turkey’s pressure on Iran and its lobbies with Tel Aviv are all aimed at securing Zionist regime’s energy supplies through re-exporting Iran’s natural gas to Israel, and stressed that the contract bans any re-export of Iran’s natural gas supplies to Turkey.

Regarding replacement of dollar with euro in oil transactions, he said, “We were instructed to replace dollar with euro last year, but since the world oil market transactions take place in dollars, we sell oil in dollars but receive its equivalent in euros.

Asked about the final results of the Crescent gas project, he said there are still some problems in prices and the pricing formula and “we do not intend to sell our natural gas on the present basis of pricing. Yet, the managing director of Crescent, in a letter he has sent to me, has voiced his preparedness to attend personal negotiations. If the company is seriously ready to revise the contract, we are also prepared to implement it.”

Meantime, the Iranian oil minister said that Iran has made some extensions in Salman gas field for the sake of the Crescent contract, adding, “But if the contract is wavered, we will direct the gas supplies to the domestic market in a bid to provide for our inland consumption.”

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