Punishment of Criminals should not be Misused by Wrongdoers

news412.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Following the execution of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hossein, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman here on Saturday stressed that punishment of criminals should not turn into an excuse for wrongdoers or lead into fomentation of religious and ethnic conflicts.

“Implementation of the verdict of Saddam’s court delighted thousands of the bereaved families of the Iraqi, Iranian and Kuwaiti victims,” Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini stated, according to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau.

“Saddam had collected a fully dark and oppressive dossier for himself while commitment of tens of crimes, murders and massacre of the innocent and oppressed Iraqi, Iranian and Kuwaiti people comprised only part of his case,” he reiterated.

The diplomat further stressed the need for public vigilance, and pointed out, “Punishment of the criminals should not become an excuse in the hands of wrong doers, or be misused or lead into the fomentation of religious sensitivity and ethnic conflicts.”

Meantime, the foreign ministry spokesman referred to the crimes committed by Saddam’s regime against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and reminded, “Iran expects the court to continue its verification of the approaches and crimes committed by Saddam’s regime in its aggression against the Islamic Republic and other regional countries and judge the war crimes, the anti-human acts and the spiritual and material damages inflicted on the Iranian nation.”

He also called on the court to continue the trial until the Iranian people’s just and righteous demands and requests are materialized.

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