Enemies’ Efforts to Sow Discord among Iranians Fruitless

A02574262.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here on Wednesday that enemies’ efforts to deprive Iranians of their nuclear rights through sowing discord among the people are all doomed to failure.

Addressing a cabinet meeting here in Tehran today, the president said that enemies have lost hope in striking the Iranian nation from outside the borders, “and they are striving to sow seeds of discord among our people in a bid to attain their goals.”

“The resolution that the enemies of the Iranian nation passed also serves the same goal. That is to say, they intended to intimidate the people inside Iran and, thus, find some proponents for their ideas who could undermine the Iranian nation’s resolve,” he continued.

Describing acquisition of the civilian nuclear technology as the legitimate and inalienable right of the Iranian nation, Ahmadinejad stressed that the world powers’ opposition to Iran’s right of access to peaceful nuclear energy is political and illegitimate and lacks legality.

He further told the country’s enemies that they can’t sow discord among the Iranian nation in a bid to deprive Iranians of their nuclear rights, saying, “If enemies imagine that they can, through their agents inside our country, deprive our nation of its rights, they should know that they are fully mistaken as Iranians are decisive to attain their legal and legitimate nuclear rights.”

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