Pakistan Criticizes West’s Double Standards on Iran’s N. Plans

A0257426.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A senior Pakistani official here on Tuesday called on the world community to refrain from practicing double-standards in the face of Iran’s nuclear plans.

Speaking to reporters in a joint press conference with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Larijani, chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee of Pakistan’s Senate Mushahid Hussein reminded that his country has also been a victim of double-standards and sanctions.

He further described his talks with Larijani as positive and said, “Dr. Larijani elaborated on Iran’s views about the nuclear issue in a very honest and positive manner.”

The Pakistani official also pointed out that Larijani’s explanations have enhanced his understanding of Iran’s nuclear activities.

He also voiced Pakistan’s strong support for Iran’s legitimate right to access peaceful nuclear technology, and further underscored that the nuclear case should not be resolved through force and imposition of sanctions.

Hussein reiterated that Iran’s nuclear issue should be resolved through and within the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), reminding, “This region has witnessed several wars, in Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan in the last 5 years and it cannot stand another war.”

He also stressed that such wars and conflicts are detrimental to not only the region, but also the EU and the United States.

Noting the huge losses instability and insecurity have incurred on both Iran and Pakistan, the official said that Tehran and Islamabad are keen to cooperate with each other in establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan as it serves the interests of both states.

He further voiced pleasure in Iran’s willingness for attending negotiations with the international community and regional countries, and continued, “Iran seeks cooperation at high levels with the regional countries, and we believe that such ties and cooperation serve the interests of the world of Islam and Muslim unity.”

The Pakistani official also called on the world of Islam to avoid any action that may impair the solidarity and unity of the world Muslims.

Also referring to the upcoming ‘Regional Security’ conference in his country, Hussein said that he has extended an invitation to Larijani to deliver a speech at the meeting.

Asked as to why Pakistan expects the IAEA to treat the developing countries fairly while Islamabad itself is not a member of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), he said, “We are also among the victims of double standards and sanctions, and we utilized our right of defense when we embarked on acquiring the nuclear technology.”

Regarding Iran’s withdrawal from the NPT, the Pakistani official reminded that the nuclear issues of his country and Iran are two different cases, saying that Islamabad has never been a signatory to the NPT, while Iran is an NPT member state and it should comply with its undertakings.

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