Sudanese DM Meets Iranian Parliament Speaker

A02351929.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Sudan’s visiting Defense Minister Field Marshal Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein met with Iran’s Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel here in Tehran on Sunday.

During the meeting, the Iranian official described Sudan as a great Muslim state, and pointing to the abundant commonalities the two sides share, he said, “Owing to the Islamic beliefs and faith of the Sudanese nation and the Islamic thoughts of the Sudanese government in recent decades, Tehran-Khartoum ties have increasingly developed after the Islamic Revolution in Iran.”

He further mentioned the Sudanese nation’s insistence on following the Islamic rules and the geographical extent and standing of that country in the African continent as the two main factors underlying enemies’ greed for Sudan, reminding that disintegration of the large Islamic countries sets the strategic policy of the enemies of Islam.

Elsewhere, the top legislative official noted the current developments and conditions in the world of Islam, specially in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Afghanistan, and pointed out that the enemies of Islam, the United States and Zionists in particular, are making their utmost efforts to replace the present and true contradiction between the real Islam (presented by Prophet Mohammad more than 14 centuries ago) and the man-made version of Islam forged by the Americans with an opposition and conflict between the Muslim Shiites and Sunnites.

“And Muslims’ unity and solidarity constitutes the only way to defuse this plot,” he stressed.

To conclude his remarks, Haddad Adel mentioned that the two countries’ nine rounds of joint commission meetings and the eye-catching activity of the Iranian companies in Sudan substantiate the two states’ good ties, and expressed the hope that the present relations between the two countries would promote to a desirable level as a result of efforts made by the Iranian and Sudanese officials.

For his part, Sudanese Defense Minister, Field Marshal Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein praised Iran’s role in establishing unity among the world Muslims, and said, “No doubt, the Islamic Revolution of Iran, under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, has been the greatest event in the history of Islam during the current century, because it was the first time that the gates of unity were opened to the Muslim Shiites and Sunnites.”

He also said that Hezbollah’s unity with other Lebanese people and groups as well as the solidarity among the different Palestinian combatants are among the clear instances of the same fact.

The General further voiced Sudan’s strong support for Iran’s peaceful nuclear plans and activities, and stressed, “The world Muslims are well aware of the fact that the hues and cries of the West and Zionists about Iran’s peaceful nuclear programs are aimed at weakening the Muslims and undermining their standing because Iran’s capability and ability is synonymous with further authority and credit of the Muslims worldwide.”

To end his words, Mohammed Hussein extended Sudanese parliament speaker’s invitation to Haddad Adel for paying an official visit to that country.

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