West Redefining Interaction with Iran

A02370183.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Once it realized inefficiency of its threats to Iran, the West has now started to build a new definition for its interaction with the Islamic Republic, an Iranian Foreign Ministry official said.

Rasoul Mousavi, Director General of the Foreign Ministry’s Studies Department, made the remarks on the sidelines of a joint meeting between the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Office for Political and International Studies and the Chinese Shanghai Institute of Studies here on Sunday.

Asked to comment on some reports about the West’s increased tendency for the resumption of talks with Iran, Mousavi said, “(UN Security Council) Resolution 1737 urged Iran to take certain measures within a specific deadline. But it is now observed that all the relevant sides involved in the issue are willing to attend talks before the 60-day deadline is over.”

He further said, “When the western countries realized that Iran is determined to stick with its nuclear stances and that their threats could not deter Iran’s nuclear progress, they started to redefine interaction with Iran.”

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