US Strives to Sow Discord among Shiites, Sunnites

A02608612.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Islamists’ leader in the Republic of Azerbaijan said that the US and Israel are endeavoring to sow seeds of discord between the Muslim Shiites and Sunnites in that country.

Speaking to FNA in the northwestern city of Orumieh on Monday, Ali Ekram Ali-zadeh said that the Islamic Revolution of Iran has left the deepest political and religious effect on the vigilance and campaign of the Azeri people, and added that despite intense efforts made by the Zionists to weaken religious bonds in that country, Azeri people are loyal to their religious traditions and rules.

“Following decomposition of the former Soviet Union, Azerbaijan Republic went under the domination and influence of the United States, Britain and Israel and after a 70-year-long dark period of communist rule, Azeri people are now afflicted with a situation where they are deprived of many social advantages, including employment and education,” he said, adding, “And to get rid of this crisis, we need Muslims’ cooperation.”

The religious leader further stated that local agents of the Zionists and the US have made large investments to breed up spies and establish anti-Iran centers in that country, and continued, “And they have conducted many activities in this ground, including establishment of anti-religion sites and networks.”

He also mentioned that the Jewish MPs in Azerbaijan’s parliament have sought to alter the religious traditions and customs of that country.

Ali-zadeh said that many sects have also been formed in Azerbaijan in order to undermine Shiism and change the popular culture in the region.

“This is while the laic government of Azerbaijan, as instructed by the US, Britain and Israel, seeks to consolidate such sects,” he stressed.

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