Chain of Explotions Rock Iraq

A092498234098230423.jpgBaghdad, Feb 4 (Prensa Latina) Several bombings and attacks with at least 17 dead, involving at least ten policemen and other authorities, label Iraqi resistance to the occupation unstoppable.

Interior Ministry reports on the tragic events tell of two car bombs detonated by remote control in Bab al Mudam district left seven casualties of diverse prognosis.



A car bomb in Khales, over 31 miles of Baghdad, left seven dead and ten wounded and another car bomb detonated next to a patrol killed four and wounded four more in Kasra, Adamiya district.



Two men were killed inside their vehicle and although there is no further detail they are believed members of the Muhabarat (secret police).



The police also found eight bodies at a street in Falluja -over 31 miles west Baghdad.

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