Hamas, Fatah take stab at cease-fire

A0924982340982304231.jpgGunmen from the rival Hamas and Fatah factions on Sunday began pulling back from their positions in the latest attempt to enforce a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip. Police replaced gangs of gunmen on rooftops, both sides began to exchange hostages and joint Hamas-Fatah forces patrolled streets to monitor the cease-fire.

During weeks of infighting, previous cease-fire agreements have quickly broken down.

Earlier Sunday, tensions between the groups were again running high following the kidnapping of Fatah leader Muhammad Dahlan’s nephew by Hamas gunmen on Sunday afternoon.

According to reports, Ashraf Dahlan was stopped at a Hamas checkpoint when the incident occurred. Currently there is no information of his whereabouts, nor have any demands been issued for his release.

Earlier Sunday, Hamas and Fatah gunmen fought in Gaza City’s beachfront neighborhoods and around security compounds, ignoring renewed truce appeals and Arab mediation efforts. One man was killed, raising the death toll from three days of fighting to 26.

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