EU condemns suicide attack in Baghdad market

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Union on Sunday strongly condemned a weekend suicide attack in a Baghdad market which killed at least 132 people. More...

Germany, which holds the rotating EU presidency, said in a statement that it condemns this brutal act in the strongest possible terms.’

It calls on all groups to take a determined stand against the ongoing violence in Iraq,’ the statement said.
In the Saturday explosion, a suicide truck bomber obliterated a market in a mainly Shia area of Baghdad, killing at least 132 people in the deadliest single strike by a suicide bomber since the war started.
The attack was the fifth major bombing in less than a month targeting predominantly Shia districts in the capital and the southern Shia city of Hillah. It also was the worst in Baghdad since a series of car bombs and mortars killed at least 215 people in the Shia district of Sadr City on Nov. 23.
Hospital officials said 132 people were killed and 305 were wounded. 

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