YGJC Meetings kick off in Riyadh

The Yemeni-Gulf Joint Committee (YGJC), attended by YemeniMinister of Planning and International Cooperation, the head of the delegation,Abdulkarim Al-Arhabi, and representatives from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, Gulffunds, Arab Development Fund and Islamic Development Bank, started Tuesday its meetings in Riyadh.

The committee would discuss in its two-day meetings suggestions of the financial allocations made through commitments in the London Donor Conference. These allocations that reach $ 4.7 billion from donors are specified for carrying out service and infrastructure projects.

In the opening session of the committee, al-Arhabi stressed the importance of the committee meetings after the success of the Donor Conference.

” In this meeting, we are facing two objectives, the first concerning combining efforts and to approach the scientific way to integrate Yemen’s economy with the GCC states economies,” he said, adding that through an agreement on a joint view for Yemen’s integration with Gulf economies, it will be easy to know the executive steps of this purpose.

 He said that Yemen’s inclusion with the GCC economies is considered the first attempt for the council to accept another country, adding that there are talks between Yemen and the European Union on this regard and that the EU, UN and the World Bank have agreed to support Yemen- GCC partnership. Al-Arhabi added that the second objective before the Yemeni- Gulf committee is to implement results of the Donor Conference to carry out the projects the money were allocated for.

“Yemen has assigned financial commitments for the limited infrastructure and service projects,” he said, pointing out that his ministry has submitted suggestions to the Gulf governments listing the projects to be supported by all donors as committed.

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