FM Protests at Illegal Entry of British Troops into Iran’s Waters

British Charged’ affairs to Tehran, Kate Smith was summoned to the Iranian foreign ministry in the absence of the ambassador of that country and Iran’s serious protest was expressed to her. The protest comes following illegal presence in Iran’s territorial waters, of the British navy marines in Arvand River.

The Director General of the west European affairs of the Iranian foreign ministry, Rahimpour in this meeting elaborated on the details of the event and stated that, following occupation of Iraq, it was the umpteenth time the British forces trespassed on the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Arvand River and were arrested by the Iranian border guards for further investigations.

Rahimpour called on the British party to provide immediate explanations concerning this obvious aggression against the Iranian waters and reiterated that such incidents should not be repeated in future.

The British Charged’ affairs to Tehran responded by saying that she would soon inform her respected government about the case and present the response to the Islamic Republic of Iran immediately.

The British ambassador to Tehran who is currently in London, arrives in Tehran today to exchange views with the Iranian officials.

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