SC Resolution Against Iran a Violation of UN Charter

A027391114.jpgIranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman in reaction to the UN Security Council Resolution 1747 against Iran said that the decision by the UN Security Council is a blatant violation of the UN Charter which deprives the Iranian people of the right of development and education. Spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini expressed regret over issuance of the UN Security Council Resolution 1747 concerning Iran’s nuclear case and stated, “By issuing the recent resolution, the UN Security Council once again took to challenge the urgency which is attached to the protection of the rights of nations and governments in compliance with article 25 of the UN Charter.”

Reiterating that the effort by the UN Security Council aimed at encouraging the Islamic Republic of Iran to give up its inalienable and legal rights has been made under the pressure of some powers in the Security Council.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman added, “Many of the countries as well as international and regional bodies refuse to support such resolutions and resolution 1747 is not favored by the international community which is dissatisfied with the ratification of illegal resolutions.”

Hosseini further added that resolution 1747 was issued under conditions when the Islamic Republic of Iran, as has been admitted by the IAEA, has not diverted from its nuclear program and remains loyal and obligated to the Non- proliferation Treaty (NPT) contents and has allowed the Agency inspectors to frequently inspect all her nuclear installations, thus, to Iran, the said resolution lacks legality and is unjustifiable.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman termed Iran’s nuclear program as peaceful and expressed preparedness of Iran for taking any initiative to remove likely ambiguities concerning Iran’s nuclear issue as well as arrangement of unconditional negotiations under a specific time schedule.

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