No Resolution Can Block Iran’s Nuclear Move Ahead

A027391115.jpgA member of the Iranian parliament said that no resolution can block Iran’s peaceful nuclear move ahead. Rafat Bayat added, “We had decided to revise our cooperation with the IAEA in case there was ratified a resolution against Iran and now this is the parliament that will decide on the case.”

Bayat further reiterated that the young Iranian scientists have managed to gain access to peaceful nuclear technology and that the Iranian nation will never give up its legal and inalienable rights.

Bayat stressed the fact that the UN Security Council Resolution is politically motivated and serves the interests of the US and does not comply with the UN charters.

She emphasized the point that the UN Security Council Resolution is in fact intended to oppose Islamic Iran’s access to the peaceful nuclear energy adding that with the ratification of this resolution, the interests of many countries in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East will be exposed to risk.

She concluded by saying that, “our unity and solidarity is the most important tool to encounter such plots.”

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