MP Calls for Trial of British Trespassers

An Iranian lawmaker said that his country cannot ignore Britain’s hostile measures taken against the Islamic Republic, and further called for the trial of the 15 British marines who had trespassed Iran’s territorial waters. Speaking to FNA here in Tehran on Saturday, representative of Saveh and Zarandieh Hosein Eslami lashed out at the British troopers for trespassing Iranian borders, and viewed the measure as a result of the Britons’ arrogant nature.

“Britons imagine that they are still the same old colonialist power of the past or that our mighty and powerful Iran is an African state or a country like Iraq and Afghanistan where the arrogant blue-eyed people can enjoy themselves and do whatever they wish,” he said.

Britain should show respect for the sovereignty of other countries, they must know that we are frank and explicit in word and action and cannot ignore their hostile move, the parliament member stated.

He further praised the powerful stance and statements made by Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary Ali Larijani in this regard, and continued, “We urge the president to take the issue very seriously, the aggressors should be treated through legal channels and they should be put on trial.”

The MP also reminded Britain’s recent raid on Iran’s consulate in Iraq and the kidnapping of Iranian missioners, adding, “They raid our consulate in Iraq in the daylight and take our brave youths into captivity and no one is allowed to show objection to this action, but when their soldiers trespass Iran’s borders several times in blatant violation of the international rules and regulations and we arrest them, they start making hues and cries.”

“If they had been dealt with and treated seriously the first time they did this action, they wouldn’t have grown so bold now,” he said, underlining that the serious treatment of the issue by Iran today would turn into a good lesson for all other aggressors.

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