Thailand Stresses Expansion of Ties with Iran

Head of Thailand’s National Security Council, in a meeting with Iranian ambassador to Bangkok Mohsen Pak Ayeen on Thursday, said his country attaches much significance and value to its ties with Iran, and further voiced pleasure in the expanding relations between the two states. He further underlined that Thailand pursues positive interaction with religious minorities, Muslims in particular, and said that expansion of ties with Islamic states sets a priority in his country’s foreign policy.

The Thai official further ascertained that the conflicts and clashes in southern Thailand do not have religious roots, adding that restoration of peace and stability in the south through peaceful means sets the agenda for the new administration of that country.

For his part, the Iranian envoy noted the two countries’ 400-year-old relations, and voiced pleasure in the positive approach pursued by the Thai government in the face of Muslims.

He further voiced Iran’s preparedness to cooperate with Thailand in the Islamic conference.

Elsewhere, Pak Ayeen pointed to the Iranian people’s resolve to make a peaceful use of the nuclear energy, and assured that the Islamic Republic’s nuclear programs serve the development of the country and do not pose any threat to the world peace and security.

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