Release of British Troops Shows Islam’s Grace

Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) praised the wise decision of Iranian president about pardoning the 15 British troops who trespassed on Iran’s territorial waters. Speaking during a phone talk with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday, Ekmeloddin Ihsanoghlou said that the decision shows kindness and grace of the religion of Islam and generosity of the Iranian nation on the threshold of the birthday anniversary of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH).

He further stated that OIC strives to double its cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran in a bid to consolidate unity and solidarity of Islamic faiths, introduce the religion of Islam to the world and use the views of the Iranian president.

For his part, President Ahmadinejad extended his congratulations to the OIC Secretary General on the advent of the birthday anniversary of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), and described Islam as a perfect religion which gives life to human beings and presents them with the best living program.

“Our dear prophet was a messenger of grace, kindness and brotherhood for all nations and the recent decision of the Islamic Republic of Iran, adopted on behalf of all Muslim nations, was intended to introduce the reality of Islam,” he added.

The Iranian president further stressed the need for enhanced efforts by Muslims and stronger activities by the OIC in order to promote the exalted notions and ideas of Islam.

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