Iran Keen to Expand Ties with EU Countries

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad voiced his country’s enthusiasm for expanding ties with all the different world states, including those in northern and central Europe, based on mutual respect, reminding that Iran favors cordial and fair ties with all countries. Addressing a congregation of Iran’s ambassadors to the north and central European countries here on Sunday, Ahmadinejad said that his country is practicing a more powerful and more experienced presence in the different world arenas, and called on the envoys to show an influential presence in the countries of their mission.

He also urged the Iranian ambassadors to establish good relations with the people of the said countries and fulfill their duty, which he described to be transfer of the message of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the world people.

The president further said that establishment of friendly and fair ties with the different world countries sets the main strategy and slogan of the Islamic Republic of Iran in foreign policy.

He also stressed the grave importance of the duty of Iran’s ambassadors to the different countries, saying that they represent the culture and concept of the Islamic Revolution and should, thus, fulfill their important responsibility in transferring the said culture and idea through more efforts and detailed planning so as to both develop mutual ties with other world countries and defuse the plots of the enemies of the Islamic republic of Iran.

Ahmadinejad pointed to heavy blows struck by the Islamic Revolution at the West’s political strategy in recent years, and underlined that the era of bullying and hegemony over other countries has come to its end.

Also during the same meeting, a number of the Iranian ambassadors to the northern and central European countries briefed the president about the latest conditions of the places of their mission as well as their programs and the measures they have drawn up for expanding Iran’s ties with the said states.

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