Ahmadinejad Calls on West to Show Friendly Attitude towards Iran

A01175379.jpgIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on western powers to treat Iran in a friendly manner, saying that such a behavior would serve their interests as well. “Enemies intend to waste the energy of our nation through political games, but we tell them that our nation will conquer peaks of glory and progress one by one. They (western powers) should know that friendship with the Iranian nation is beneficial to them while animosity with these people will result in nothing but humiliation and defeat for them,” Ahmadinejad said while addressing a congregation of the public in the city of Sepidan in Iran’s central province of Fars on Monday.

He further stressed the vital importance which is attached to unity, solidarity and resistance for the Iranian nation, saying that establishment of Iran as a nuclear state and enemies’ incapability and inability to prevent Iran’s progress have all been a result of the Iranians’ unity.

The President said that the unity, solidarity and resistance shown by the Iranian nation have proved so effective that if enemies utilize all their means of propaganda, they will not be able to force Iranian people into withdrawal.

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