India Demands Extension of North-South Corridor

A01175378.jpgIndian Ambassador to Iran said that New Delhi seeks extension of the North-South corridor because the measure plays a crucial role in the development of diplomatic and trade ties between Iran and India. Speaking in a meeting with the Director General of the Ports and Shipping Department of Iran’s northern province of Gilan on Monday, Manbir Singh viewed the two countries’ relations since the onset of the Islamic Revolution as good, and mentioned that extension of the North-South corridor, development of Iran’s southern port city of Chabahar and the nationwide railroad would further develop India’s diplomatic ties with the entire Iran, including the northern port city of Anzali.

He further reminded a contract endorsed by Iran, India and Russia on the expansion and enhanced activity in the said corridor, and voiced enthusiasm of New Delhi for the further expansion of Chabahar port and extension of Iran’s railroad in the northern parts of the country.

“I believe that the trend of development should be more comprehensive than what exists and that transportation of goods and commodities should take place in the shortest time and in the safest and most secure manner possible,” the diplomat said.

He reiterated that expansion of the North-South corridor would secure Iran-India trade ties and promote this area of relations to a level matching the two countries’ already desirable political ties.

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