Arvand Free Zone Presents Facilities to Iraqi Businessmen

A delegation of administrative officials from Iraq attended a meeting with officials of Iran’s Arvand Free Zone to discuss facilitation of possible grounds for investment of Iraqi traders in the said region. During the meeting, acting deputy of Arvand Free Zone Organization briefed the 10-member Iraqi delegation about the potentials of Iran’s southwestern port cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr, and further described the region as desirable for investment by the Islamic countries.

“As the greatest free zone of Iran, Arvand has started its operation in three industrial, recreational and trade sectors since two years ago and it seeks to establish economic and scientific relations with Muslim states, including Iraq,” Mohammad Ali Nouraee said.

He further pointed to the preparedness of certain Asian and European countries to make investments in Arvand free zone, and added, “Yet, Arvand Free Zone is inclined to boost cooperation with Iraqis to lay a convenient trade ground and it has thought of some special facilities for the investments by the friendly and neighboring country of Iraq in Arvand.”

Noting the security problems in Iraq, he said investors of that country can conduct business activity in Arvand Free Zone without any concerns and worries.

For his part, deputy governor-general of Iraq’s Naserieh province stressed that his country attaches significance to investment in Iran, and further voiced Iraq’s enthusiasm for the increased activity of Iraqi businessmen and traders in Iran.

Ahmad Taha Sheikh pointed to his country’s readiness for the establishment of a chamber of commerce in Naserieh, and mentioned that the two countries would have more exchange of views in economic grounds following the launch of operation by the chamber of commerce in Naserieh province.

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