Iranian Army Serves Regional Peace, Security

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his country’s army serves regional peace and security while defending the security and territorial integrity of Iran. Addressing a ceremony held here in Tehran on the occasion of the ‘Army Day’, the president said that the Iranian nation is a fervent proponent of peace and justice and opposes injustice in every part of the world.

“Therefore, it neither oppresses anyone nor allows anyone to oppress it,” he continued.

The president said Iranian nation favors friendly and just peace, stability, security and unity in the world and seeks to establish relations with all world countries except for the forged regime of the Zionists.

“The Iranian nation believes that regional nations are entitled to peace in light of justice and human grandeur,” he added.

Ahmadinejad further stressed that cordial ties with the neighboring and regional states sets the basic policy of the Islamic Republic, and assured that the Iranian army does not have an aggressive nature.

Meantime, he underlined that the country’s army is fully prepared to fulfill any kind of defensive mission.

“(Iranian) Armed forces stand up against any aggressor and cut his hand,” he added.

Ahmadinejad also mentioned, “Some bullying powers imagine that they can undermine our army through arms embargo, but our creative engineers, youths and revolutionary commanders and managers managed to provide for their needs in all areas and equip this force with advanced weapons.”

Reminding the self-sufficiency of the Iranian army, he said, “Today the mightiness and power of (Iran’s) armed forces serve peace, brotherhood and security in the region and seek close ties with other countries and tranquility.”

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