Envoy Dismisses Delay in Iran’s Petrochemical Project

Iran’s Ambassador to Bangkok Mohsen Pak Ayeen denied reports about the delayed operation of Mehr Petrochemical project in Iran’s Assaluyeh region, assuring that the project is facing no problems at all. ‘Polymer Update’ News Agency in a report on Saturday alleged that implementation of Mehr project, which is a trilateral joint venture by Iran, Thailand and Japan, has come to a standstill due to management problems.

Pak Ayeen described the report as baseless, adding that the normal process of visa application by Japanese and Thai engineers is continuing through the Islamic Republic embassy in Bangkok while project officials in Iran have also stressed continued implementation of the project.

“The Thai petrochemical officials are also serious about the completion of the project,” he continued.

With a capital investment of USD 225 mln and a production capacity of 300 thousand tons of poly ethylene, Mehr Petrochemical Complex is considered the largest poly ethylene producing complex in the Middle-East. The project has received 40% of investment from Iran, 48% from Thailand and 12% from Japan.

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