Laos Supports Iran’s Peaceful N. Activities

Laotian assistant foreign minister voiced his country’s support for Iran’s civilian nuclear activities. Speaking in a meeting with Iran’s ambassador to Laos Mohsen Pak Ayeen, Pi Toi Kun viewed support for Iran’s Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) related rights as a legal move.

“We support Iran’s nuclear rights and we accompany you in line with the Non-Aligned Movement’s (NAM) cooperation and stances,” he stressed.

The Laotian official further pointed to the three pivotal constituents of the NPT, including non-proliferation, disarmament of the countries armed with nuclear weapons and assistance to the member states in acquiring nuclear science, and reiterated his country’s protection of the rights of the member states.

Elsewhere, he called for the expansion of his country’s ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and noting Iran-Laos age-old ties as two Asian countries, he viewed the two states as potentially desirable partners for each other.

The Laotian assistant foreign minister also voiced his country’s preparedness to run economic, cultural and international cooperation with Iran.

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