Iranian, Cuban MPs Confer on Bilateral Ties

Chairman of Iran-Cuba parliamentary friendship group met with his Cuban counterpart in Havana on Friday. During the meeting, the Iranian delegate Avaz Heydar-pour voiced pleasure in the growing trend of the two countries’ mutual cooperation and activities, and stressed the need for the further deepening and consolidation of the two states’ relations in all the different political, parliamentary and economic grounds, a report released by the Information and Media Department of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said.

He further reiterated the high potentials of parliamentary friendship groups, and called on both sides to strive to reinvigorate relations among the two countries’ friendship groups in a bid to utilize the existing potentials to further expand Iran-Cuba ties.

The Iranian legislator also pointed to the two countries’ commonalities and the background of their campaigns and struggles against the United States.

“Resistance and continued struggle by Iran and Cuba can not only display the righteousness of their campaign but also serve as an everlasting lesson for the entire world,” he said.

For his part, the Cuban chairman of Iran-Cuba parliamentary friendship group voiced pleasure in the two nations’ developing ties, and called for increased cooperation and assistance and further development of ties with Iran’s Islamic Consultative Assembly.

He further pointed to the two countries’ abundant commonalities which could be used for the deepening of the two sides’ mutual ties, adding that senior officials of the two states are decisive to make use of the said potentials for the expansion of ties.

To end his remarks, the Cuban official said that his country seeks to display the realities of Cuba to the Iranian people to defuse the efforts made by imperialism aimed at hiding the merits of the two countries.

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