MP Views Access to N. Energy as Iran’s No. 1 Achievement

Despite all sanctions, Iran has succeeded in conquering peaks of science and technology among which access to civilian nuclear technology has been the most important one, head of Iran-Cuba parliamentary friendship group said in a meeting with Cuban parliament speaker. A statement released by the Information and Media Department of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said that also during the meeting, Avaz Heydar-pour said that his visit to Havana is aimed at expanding and deepening the two countries’ ties in all areas, and voiced pleasure in the growing trend of the development of Iran-Cuba relations, specially in recent years.

He pointed out that the two countries’ parliamentary friendship groups guarantee and support the two nations’ ties, and praised the political stances adopted by Cuba at the international bodies.

The Iranian legislator also voiced preparedness of Iran’s Islamic Consultative Assembly to render any kind of help and cooperation with the Cuban nation and government.

He further denounced the United States’ sanctions against certain countries, including Iran and Cuba, and stated, “Despite all sanctions, the Islamic Republic of Iran has succeeded in conquering peaks of science one by one and access to the civilian nuclear technology has been the number one success among the aforementioned achievements of Iran.”

For his part, speaker of the Cuban People’s parliament voiced pleasure in the visit to Havana by Iran-Cuba parliamentary friendship group, and expressed the hope that the two countries’ joint cooperation would accelerate in all areas.

“The United States’ animosity with Iran and Cuba has not happened haphazardly or accidentally, they (Americans) have assessed the Iranian and Cuban revolutions as earthquakes which have been able to jolt the foundations of Imperialism,” he mentioned.

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