Oman Opposed to New Crises in Mideast

Considering the several crises existing in the Middle-East, the region should not experience any new crisis, head of Oman’s parliamentary friendship group said. Mohammed Bin Saeed Bin Saif al-Kalbani made the remarks in a meeting with the chairman of Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaoddin Boroujerdi here on Sunday, a statement released by the Information and Media Department of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said.

During the meeting, the Iranian lawmaker voiced pleasure in the two countries’ growing relations, and said Iran-Oman brotherly ties are of a special status among regional countries.

He further viewed expansion of parliamentary relations between the two countries as an important factor for the deepening of cordial ties in all areas, and voiced the Iranian parliament’s support for the development of Iran-Oman relations in all the different political, economic, trade and cultural spheres.

Boroujerdi also reminded the positive views of the two nations towards each other and the resolve of the two countries’ leaders to develop mutual relations, and called for the utilization of the abundant untouched potentials existing on both sides in a bid to promote mutual ties.

Elsewhere, he pointed to the sensitive conditions in Iraq, and said enemies of regional nations seek to sow religious discord in the region, particularly in Iraq, in an effort to secure their own interests.

The legislator described the present conditions in Iraq as undesirable for the regional countries and the world of Islam, and noting the responsibility of the regional states for encountering the disorderly conditions in Iraq, he said establishment of stability and security in Iraq sets Iran’s policy.

He further pointed to the pressures imposed by the West, particularly the US, on the Islamic Republic of Iran, and underlined, “Iran will continue its peaceful nuclear activities and programs while showing respect for all international norms and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) rules and regulations.

For his part, Mohammed Bin Saeed Bin Saif al-Kalbani stressed his country’s resolve to develop all-out friendly ties with Iran.

He said considering the many crises existing in the Middle-East, the region should not experience any new dilemma, and added, “The present pressure by foreign powers on the Islamic Republic of Iran will lead to crisis not only in the region, but also in the entire world.

The head of Oman-Iran parliamentary friendship group stressed the need for the restoration of security in the region, and said that all regional countries feel deeply concerned about the present conditions in Iraq.

He further pointed to the regular consultations between the two countries’ leaders about regional and world developments, and voiced pleasure in the two states’ shared understanding about regional issues.

To conclude his remarks, the Omani official described the Islamic Republic of Iran as an objective and real model of democracy in the region.

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