FM Stresses Consolidation of Ties with Sweden

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in a meeting with Swedish parliament speaker in Stockholm on Monday underlined the need for the deepening of parliamentary relations between the two countries. A statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau said that during the meeting, Mottaki conveyed the warm greetings of the Iranian parliament speaker to his Swedish counterpart.

He further noted the 100-year-old historical background of the Iranian parliament and described Iran as the oldest democracy in Asia.

The minister also welcomed the extensive development of parliamentary ties between the two countries, and called for the further deepening of Iran-Sweden parliamentary relations.

For his part, Sweden’s parliament speaker welcomed the visit to his country by Iranian foreign minister as well as Mottaki’s useful meetings with Swedish officials, and said his country always welcomes dialogues and exchange of views.

“We believe that exchange of views lays the ground for gaining a deeper understanding of the other side,” he continued.

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