Ivory Coast: UNSC Resolutions not Always Acceptable

Ambassador of Ivory Coast to Iran stressed that the resolutions passed by the international community and the UN Security Council should not be viewed as always correct and acceptable, adding that these are the Iranians who should decide what is better for them. Speaking to FNA, the envoy stressed Iran’s right to access and use peaceful nuclear energy, and reminded that western countries assisted Iran with the establishment of Bushehr nuclear power plant prior to the Islamic Revolution while they stopped cooperation with Iran following the revolution.

“How come nuclear energy was useful until before the revolution, but it is not today? If that’s the case, then what happens to all the costs Iran has so far incurred,” he asked.

Noting the UN Security Council sanctions on Iran, the ambassador said, “How could they expect Iran to have a normal behavior while they impose sanctions on this country.”

The diplomat stressed, “These are the Iranian people who know what is useful for them and what action they should take.”

“These are the Iranian people who make the decision and their decision matters more than anything else,” he continued.

The ambassador reminded his country’s experience in the past years, and said, “Ivory Coast was faced with several crises in the past, and our experience shows that the path of the international community does not always work out in connection with all issues.”

“Sometimes, the solutions presented by the international community cannot be put into practice,” he stressed, reminding that when his country was struck by continued crises and conflicts which didn’t end for five years, none of the solutions offered by the international community could soothe unrests and narrow down the differences.

He also added that the strong crisis in Ivory Coast was eventually resolved last December by the officials and president of that country themselves and no one else.

“The crisis which continued for 4 years as a result of international solutions, was settled down in a short period of 4 months only by the government of Ivory Coast, and the problem was solved so desirably that all governments praised Yamoussoukro’s proper action,” the envoy concluded.

Ivory Coast’s ambassador to Tehran said that some European and arrogant states are showing strong opposition to a powerful and nuclear Iran in an effort to preserve their own interests.

The envoy blamed the West for its opposition to Iran and reminded that his country would continue its bilateral and political ties with Tehran under any kind of conditions.

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