Sweden Reiterates Iran’s N. Rights

Chairman of the Swedish parliament’s Foreign Policy Commission voiced Stockholm’s support for Iran’s right to access civilian nuclear technology, saying that Tehran’s nuclear right should not be ignored by any other state. According to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau, the Swedish lawmaker made the remarks in a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in Stockholm on Monday, where the two sides discussed bilateral ties, and exchanged views about regional and international issues.

During the meeting, the Iranian minister pointed to the historical background of the two countries’ parliaments, and elaborated on the role of the Iranian and Swedish legislative bodies in the consolidation of the two countries’ relations.

“With over 100 years of activity, the Iranian and Swedish parliaments play a significant role in the adoption of decisions and policies of the two countries. The Islamic Republic of Iran supports reinvigoration of parliamentary exchanges between the two countries to discuss issues of mutual interest,” he said.

Elsewhere, Mottaki pointed to regional issues, and said that the United States’ wrong policies in Iraq, such as occupation and intensification of military measures in that country, have caused insecurity in Iraq, which he said would have negative consequences for the region, including instability.

He further briefed the Swedish MP about Iran’s policies for sustainable development and utilization of atomic energy for medical purposes and generating electricity, adding, “The parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran has urged the government to use civilian nuclear energy for providing the energy the country needs for its development plans.”

Mottaki said Iran has accepted to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in order to enjoy the rights and advantages stipulated in the treaty to materialize the demands of the Iranian nation.

Concerning contradictory and double standards in the campaign against terrorism, he said, “Different versions and approaches in the face of terrorism are all against human rights. There is no good and bad terrorism. Terrorism with whatever tendency or orientation or logic is terrorism in every part of the world.”

For his part, Chairman of the Swedish parliament’s Foreign Policy Commission voiced pleasure in the exchange of views and consultations between the two countries’ parliaments, and described consultations between the two governments and parliaments as a useful measure consolidating mutual relations.

“The Foreign Policy Commission of the Swedish parliament has always supported continued talks between the two countries’ officials,” he added.

The Swedish lawmaker further stressed his country’s support for Iran’s right to access peaceful atomic technology, and underlined, “Iran’s (nuclear) right should not be ignored by any state.”

He also stated Stockholm’s support for diplomatic means to find proper solutions to Iran’s nuclear issue acceptable to both sides.

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