US Voices Opposition to Consulate Meeting with Kidnapped Diplomats

A01850213.jpgUnfortunately after three months since the five Iranian diplomats were kidnapped during a raid by the US troops on Iran’s consulate general in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil, Americans still deny the diplomatic right of the five to have a consulate meeting, an informed source told FNA. “The five consulate staffers of the Islamic Republic of Iran kidnapped by the United States’ occupying troops from Iran’s consulate general in Iraq’s (city of) Erbil on February 9, 2007 are still held hostage by the US troops in Iraq,” the source reminded.

He continued, “Unfortunately after three months since the five were abducted and despite Iran’s frequent official demands, Americans still deny the inalienable consulate and diplomatic right of the five for having a consulate meeting.”

“The said consulate staffers have raised a demand through the International Red Cross for having a consulate meeting, which has so far been ignored by the American troops,” the source added.

Mentioning that abduction and hostage-taking of the said individuals is a violation of the international conventions on diplomatic immunity and other international rules and regulations, he warned that adoption of such measures prevents pavement of the required grounds for the inauguration of the embassies of foreign states in Iraq while such a trend also increasingly intensify instability and insecurity in that country.

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