U.S., Afghan forces clash with Taliban

AP – Afghan and U.S.-led coalition forces clashed with Taliban militants Wednesday in eastern Afghanistan, leaving six suspected insurgents dead and one wounded, the coalition said.

Acting on intelligence, the joint forces were conducting a raid on a compound suspected of housing Taliban fighters near the eastern city of Jalalabad when they came under fire, the coalition said in a statement.

It said a brief fire fight killed six enemy fighters and wounded another, and that no civilians or coalition forces were wounded.

Four militants were detained for questioning, the statement said.

Afghan and international forces have launched several raids on suspected Taliban compounds in the eastern border provinces, killing and arresting suspects and seizing weapons caches, in an effort to pre-empt militant attacks.

In the southern province of Uruzgan, a roadside bomb killed four policemen and wounded another early Wednesday, said provincial police chief Gen. Abdul Qassim Khan.

In Helmand province, two private security guards were killed by a roadside bomb Tuesday while guarding a road construction project, said Rehmattullah Khan, a police official.

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