Iranian regime’s Attempts to Control Diala Province in Iraq

1119.jpgNCRI – In the past 4 years the mullahs’ regime has tried hard to impose its full control on the Iraqi Diala province which has 240 kilometers of common border with Iran and said to be the entrance to Baghdad. Using the Quds force the Iranian regime has mobilized its proxy groups in this province.In the past two years, the regime has infiltrated in the regional government, the province council, armed forces and police. One of their brutal policies is to stir sectarian violence in order to eliminate the individuals opposing them. They also want to block the national and progressive forces from entering political affairs and change the population ratio by forced immigration.

Based on reports in recent weeks, kidnapping and assassination by Badr and Sadr proxies of the Iranian regime have drastically increased. The regime has strengthened its militias and murderers in the area by spreading rumors about a big attack on Diala. It has dispatched 350 agents to Diala in recent weeks. Some of these forces have been trained in terrorist camps inside Iran and have gained experience on urban warfare. Out of these 350 individuals, 150 have resided in Khales and neighboring villages. Some of the villages are: Alvandieh, Sarivat and Sarachigh.

Some of these forces are residing near Baqouba airport along with the National Guard and have established security and inspection posts.

In recent days two parcels of weapons have entered this area from Iran and have been distributed among militias.
A commander of one of the militia forces by the name of Abu Hamar has traveled from Baghdad to Khales and is planning an attack on Koubat and Alibat areas. The police and rapid response forces also support this militia.

On May 30th these forces attacked Baquba Jadideh area wearing Police and National Guard uniforms. They kidnapped 21 civilians and set 6 houses on fire. The night before these militias attacked Alzahra hospital in Baquba and kidnapped some members of the medical teams. On the same day the militia attacked the Tahrir neighborhood and kidnapped 15 defenseless people. No one has heard from them since.

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