Iranian regime’s top Secret Order to Intensify Terrorist Attacks in Iraq

NCRI – In mid-June, the defense committee of Iranian regime’s Supreme National Security Council held meetings with some commanders of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).According to reports from within the regime, they prepared an assessment of the American forces’ activities in the near future. Based on this appraisal, new orders were issued for the Quds Force of Iran’s IRGC to intensify terrorist attacks in Iraq using their proxies.

Ali Larijani’s deputy, Mohammad Jafar Sahraroudi, attended the defense committee’s meeting the National Security Council.

Sahraroudi is a well known terrorist who was the commander of Ramadan brigade. He is a commander of the Quds force in charge of terrorism and assassinations in Iraq.

In this meeting the Quds force was ordered to continue to destabilize in Iraq.  

The order to Quds force includes the following items:
-    Casualties of American forces must continue and increase. This effort should be immediately coordinated with all the groups inside Iraq.
-    The Quds force has also been ordered to proceed with political activities of the main militias such as Sadr’s group. Moves such as resignation of 5 ministers of Sadr group from Nouri Maleki’s cabinet must continue. Such acts are regarded as moves against occupation.
-    Effort to attract and support Sunni groups against the American forces must increase. This should take place by denoting the necessity for more collaboration and alliance between Shiites and Sunnis as well as strengthening anti-occupation resistance in order to free Iraq.

-    There should be extensive propaganda signifying that terrorist activities in Iraq take place by foreign forces supported by some Arab countries. This way the Iranian regime will not be held responsible.

The outcome of these plans and directives are to be discussed again in the upcoming meeting of the defense committee of the Iranian regime’s Supreme National Security Council at the end of June.

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