New combat actions take place in Chechnya

1117.jpgChechen side reports that an APC of Russian invaders was blown up in the Nozhai-Yurt district on 7 June. As a result two invaders were killed on the spot by the explosion and several others were wounded.A skirmish between a Mujahideen unit and the invaders took place in the same district the day before, on 6 June. There are no precise information about the losses on the invader side. However, it is known that they lost at least one killed and two wounded. This information was acquired by radio interception. One fighter was lightly wounded on the Mujahideen side.

On 8 June, a skirmish between a mobile Mujahideen squad and the invaders took place in the forest area between the villages of Elistanzhi and Eshelhatoi in the Vedeno district. One of the invaders was killed and at least 4 were injured in the battle. The Mujahideen had no losses.

A military engagement with pro-Moscow gangs the munafiqs from the local puppets took place 2 kilometers east of Belgatoi village (Vedeno district). On 9 June, a Mujahideen unit fired on the munafiq formations. The collaborators had losses, but their precise number is unknown. There were no losses among the Mujahideen.

A Mujahideen saboteur unit fired on a Russian patrol in the Zavodskoy district of the capital Jokhar ohar on the night of 8 June. At least 3 invaders were wounded. There are no other information about the skirmish.

Local clashes with united formations of invaders and their accomplices took place in the Shatoi district on 8 and 9 June, according to Chechen sources. There are so far no information about the outcome of these

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