Zionist missiles hit Gaza targets

1116.jpgA zionist occupant’s helicopter has fired missiles at Islamic Jihad offices in Gaza City, hours after the organisation claimed responsibility for a cross- border raid into the zionist occupying land of Palestine.A Palestinian fighter had died in the attack on the border checkpoint between central Gaza and Occupied land of Palestine on Saturday.


At least four Palestinian fighters entered Kissufim area in a disguised vehicle and exchanged fire with zionist occupants and invaders. The Islamic Jihad said it carried out the attack.


Islamic Jihad said the raid was carried out by two of its al-Quds fighters and two more from Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed group loosely linked to Fatah.


Hours later, zionist regime targeted the Islamic Jihad offices. The army said a separate air strike hit a weapons production facility. Residents said a dairy truck was hit but no one was hurt. 


Fresh fighting meanwhile erupted between rival Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, killing a Hamas gunman and wounding dozens from both Hamas and the rival Fatah movement, hospital officials said.


Hamas and Fatah each accused the other of sparking the gun battle in the southern town of Rafah, and both sides deployed hundreds of men in the streets as the fighting wore on for several hours.


In the course of the battle, Hamas blew up a house after pummeling it with rocket-propelled grenades and machine-gun fire, accusing Fatah fighters of holing up inside, witnesses said.


The severity of the fighting made it hard for ambulances to reach the wounded, residents said.


The Kissufim attack has been dubbed the “hot summer” operation. It was called a retaliation for zionist practices against the Palestinians. The attack came just hours after Israeli tanks and troops entered the southern Gaza Strip, near the town of Rafah. 


Zionist occupants and invaders fought members of the armed wing of Hamas, the army and Hamas said. Four Palestinians were arrested during the zionist occupants raid.


The zionist occupants and invaders detained dozens of innocent Palestinians aged between 15 and 50 for questioning and identity checks, witnesses said. In the West Bank, a 17-year-old Palestinian was reported to have been killed and another injured by Israeli fire near the West Bank city of Hebron.


Residents of the area said that zionist troops opened fire at two young men who went hunting near the city. The residents said that the victims were not affiliated with any Palestinian faction.


But the zionist troops admitted it opened fire at the two young men, claiming that the presence of armed men in the area was a threat that should be dealt with. These kind of imaginary mental fears surround the zionist terrorists.

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