Rajavi condemned the bombing of holy shrine in Samarra

1173.jpgMrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, strongly condemned the bombing of the holy shrine of Imam Askary in Samarra.Mrs. Rajavi said: “The bombing at the Holy Shrine of the Shiite Imams once again has all the Muslims, especially those in Iraq and Iran, grieving.” She added: “This hideous criminal act of terrorism will only serve the divisive interests of the ruling theocratic fascists in Iran who with demagoguery talk of Islam while in reality are the worst enemies of Islam, Muslims and are definitely the enemies of humanity. They are the most active sponsor of terrorism in the world.”

“The dreadful regime in Iran is facing regional and international isolation, and an discontent population. It is loathed by Iraqis. Thus,  as always, it seeks a way out by resorting to this type of cruelty and heinous crimes.  This regime has repeatedly used the same tactics domestically, including the bombing of the holy shrine of Imam Reza and the killing of its pilgrims, murdering respectful Christian priests, and demolition of Sunni mosques in Iran.  These crimes have been perpetrated by the officials of regime’s intelligence apparatus, and the Revolutionary Guards as they have been acknowledged by the regime’s officials.”

Expressing her condolences to all the Muslims in the world, Mrs. Rajavi reiterated: “The mullahs’ regime will not prevail by resorting to crimes and notorious demagoguery and will not be able to take over Iraq.  The people of Iraq have recognized this regime’s motivations as 5.2 million Iraqis have declared in their statement that they view the Iranian regime as the main obstacle to Iraq’s path to security, stability and democracy and is the main threat to Iraq’s unity and freedom.”  The people of Iraq have reiterated “The solution and a positive outcome will only materialize when the Iranian regime in neutralized in Iraq.”

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