Jordanian Representatives Condemned the Nuclear Program of Iranian Regime

NCRI – In a seminar held in Jordan on Sunday, Jordanian MPs and political authorities noted that if the Iranian regime succeeds in getting nuclear, the regional and national interests will be undermined.The Jordanian MP Abdollah Alhejazi, the former Interior Minister Samir Habasheneh and a member of House of Nobles of Jordan Basam Ghagheish were among speakers in this seminar.

Alhejazi said “we will not let the Iranian regime acquire nuclear weapons. This will endanger our national interests and the security of the Arab region. If this regime gets nuclear weapons, it will dominate the region.”

This legislator warned that the insistence of the Iranian regime on continuing its nuclear program could start another war which will be dangerous for the region.

Samir Al-Habasheneh, rejected military action against the Iranian regime and said it is instrumental to stop Iran’s nuclear program because it is a serious threat for the regional security.

Basam Ghagheish a member of the House of Nobles talked about the effect of the nuclear crisis on the region and said as a result the region could explode which would affect people in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries.

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