Iraqi MPS: Iranian Regime is behind Terrorist Attacks in Iraq

1172.jpgNCRI – In an interview with Al-Soumarieh TV on Monday, Iraqi MPs, Dr. Ahmad Soleiman Jamil and Ms. Maisoun Damlouji, noted that the Iranian regime is behind terrorist attacks in Iraq.Dr. Ahmad Jalil said: Iranian regime is extensively meddling in Iraq. No one denies this fact and the dialogue between this regime and Americans proves in itself their interference.

He continued: Iranian regime has destroyed Iraq much more than the occupiers have. You could tell the occupier by his looks, outfit and language but these people murder Shiites, Sunnis and national figures in the name of religion, in the name of Islam.

Most of terrorist activities, if not all, happen because of the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq. This regime is even interfering in political decisions.

Ms. Maison Damlouji, another Iraqi MP told Alsoumarieh TV: Unfortunately Iraq has become a play ground for international and regional battles and the Iranian regime is instrumental in this.

It is clear where these militias are trained. Nobody could deny it. What Soleiman Jamil said is very true. Diala province is only miles away from Iran. We know where they are coming from and have no doubts about it.

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