Combat actions take place in southern Chechnya

1233.jpgKavkaz Center source reports with reference to the Chechen command about clashes in the southern regions of the country. The source reported that this is not a complete summary of the fighting and sabotage operations.According to Chechen command on 17 June, a Mujahideen saboteur unit destroyed an APC and killed at least 3 kafirs (the invaders), who were carrying out reconnaissance on one of the mountain roads in the area of Yalhoi-Mohk village, Nozhai-Yurt district. The invaders were blown up by a remote-controlled landmine.

On the same day, a mobile Mujahideen unit fired on a force of the pro-Moscow bandit groups the munafiqs a few kilometers from Gordali village. Two puppets were killed and several were wounded during the 15-minute-long firefight.

On 18 June, mobile Mujahideen subdivisions attacked the enemy twice in the Vedeno district. In the forest area near the village of Dargo, Chechen troops fired on a kafir force, killing 2 Russian terrorists. It was established by wireless interception that 4 other kafirs were wounded in the skirmish. The mujahedeen had no losses.

On 18 June, the Mujahideen fired on a large group of invaders in the Ersenoi district. After establishing their positions on one of the hills, the Mujahideen took the enemy – who was apparently on the way to carry out a so-called cleansing – under intensive fire for 30 minutes.

There are no precise information about the casualties of the kafirs and their accomplices. According to unverified reports, 5 kafirs were killed and many were wounded during the firefight. But this information requires further investigation.

On 19 June, a Mujahideen saboteur unit blew up an invader reconnaissance group in the forest zone on Gezginlam mountain. One invader was killed and another one was wounded.

On the same day, a skirmish between the Mujahideen and an invader force took place several kilometres from the village of Halkiloi, Shatoi district. There are no precise informations about the losses of the two sides.

The Chechen side also reports about nightly bombardments of the Nozhai-Yurt, Vedeno and Shatoi districts. Air attacks were carried out on the nights of 17 and 18 June. Furthermore, the invaders shelled the forest areas in the mentioned districts with artillery. The Mujahideen had no losses. There are also no information about losses among the civilian population.

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