Special operation in village of Surkhakhi

1232.jpgThe Committee on the Protection of Rights of Forced Migrants has learned that on June 17, in the village of Surkhakhi, armed people in masks broke into the courtyard of the Aushev family, where three families lived.Colleagues of the Committee visited the location. They saw that a courtyard full of blocks and boards, all that remained of the house.

According to victim and owner of the house, Israpil Aushev, the incident occurred as follows: “That morning, it was near five A.M., after morning prayer. I was sitting on the steps of the house with my prayer beads. Suddenly armed men in masks and camouflage jumped over the fence. It was possible to determine by their voices that among them were persons of Slavic and Ingush origin. They ordered me to put my hands behind my head and to lie to on the ground. After searching me, they gave the order that all occupants should leave the house. I said that I was the owner, and asked them to explain on what basis this operation was being carried out, but they didn’t answer. All residents were taken into the courtyard, and several armed men thoroughly searched the rooms, garret, and basement, but nothing was found.

They threatened that they could simply kill me, if I did not give up the terrorists, but I could not give anyone up, because there was no one. They again searched the garret, but without my participation and also without any result. Soldiers questioned me about who lived in the house, and how many people there were. I answered all their questions. Strangely, they decided to search the garret a third time. Suddenly, shooting began. Bullets were flying everywhere. Automatic weapons, machine guns, and even a grenade launcher were used. They destroyed the house. I cannot say who started it, since I did not see for myself, but there was never a weapon in our house.

After the skirmish ended, soldiers carried out the body of Ruslan Khavazhevich Aushev, born in 1988. They alleged that he began shooting a pistol from the garret. But how could this be true, if the garret was thoroughly searched three times? The hatchway to the roof is located in the house, and it would be impossible to get there without being noticed. Nevertheless, my neighbor was killed…

After driving their BTR (army vehicle) into the courtyard, they rammed the house with the vehicle and broke the entire rear wall. They then knocked out all the glass in the house. After this, I and my three nephews: Hussein Mikailovich Aushev, born in 1988, Khasan Mikailovich Aushev, born in 1986, and Magomed Usmanovich Aushev, born in 1981, were taken away for questioning… They transported us to the FSB building in Magas and placed us first in a cell, then conducted us to offices and questioned us.

When they put me in the BTR (army vehicle), they tied my hands with wire, as Chechen fighters usually do. I have seen this sort of thing many times on television. Even the house was destroyed, apparently to cover their tracks. In the evening I and two others were released, but Magomed Usmanovich Aushev was left in, allegedly for further trial. Why no district officials or people from law-enforcement agencies or even representatives of Ingushetia responded during this terrible operation I cannot understand. It seems that this was all arranged with them… “.

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