Schwarz-Schilling denounces call to abolish Republika Srpska

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) — The chief international official in BiH denounced on Tuesday (June d19th) a call by the Muslim and Croat members of the tripartite presidency to abolish the Bosnian Serb entity. Haris Silajdzic and Zeljko Komsic sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon earlier this week, arguing that Republika Srpska was created as a result of genocide and therefore has no right to exist. “This letter … further adds to deterioration of political relations … It is clear that this is not an official act of the government or presidency,” Christian Schwarz-Schilling said.

In other news Tuesday, BiH’s special war crimes court acquitted a Bosnian Serb paramilitary soldier, Zoran Jankovic, of crimes against humanity. Prosecutors had accused him of involvement in the attack, illegal detention, forced deportation and killings of 36 Bosniak villagers in eastern BiH in 1992. This was the court’s first acquittal.

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