Iran torpedoed Moussa’s Lebanon mission

The Arabic daily Al-Seyassah reported On Thursday According to reliable sources  a confidential letter that reached Hizbullah leader Nasrallah,  from the Iranian ambassador in Damascus led to the last minute coup against a compromise formula to solve the Lebanese crisis, that has been reached between the Secretary-General of the Arab League Amr Moussa and the various Lebanese parties, including Hezbullah during several meetings last week in Beirut.
The sources said that this confidential communication came after an urgent meeting was held in Damascus during the visit to Lebanon by Amr Moussa. The Damascus meeting brought together Iranian ambassador to Syria, and Syrian Gen. Mohamed Nasif who is responsible for handling Hezbullah file. During the meeting they discussed the negative repercussions that may affect the interests of Syria and Iran in Lebanon and the region in the event of the success of Moussa’s mission in reaching a compromise formula to resolve the political crisis in Lebanon.

The report added: The two officials reached a conclusion that the time is on the side of Hezbullah and the opposition, and that there is no room now, especially with the upcoming presidential elections in Lebanon for any reconciliation even if the parliamentary majority shows flexibility and waives its known objections and conditions for a settlement.

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