Rajavi: Terror label on PMOI is a political and legal scandal

Rajavi: Continuing defiance of the Court verdict to maintain and a foolhardy reward to the mullahs that amounts to participating in the suppression of the Iranian people.NCRI – Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, described the continuing defiance of the verdict of the European Court of Justice and maintaining the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) in the European union’s terrorist list by the Council of Ministers of Environment as a political, legal and ethical scandal which makes a mockery of the Court’s judgment and the rule of law.


Earlier, Mrs. Rajavi had stated on May 23, 2007, “The Council of Ministers was planning to maintain the PMOI on the EU terrorist list and was going to announce its decision in the next few weeks.”

In the past few months, more than 1,000 Parliamentarians across Europe and resolutions and many letters by the Foreign, European and Legal Affairs Committees in the European Parliament, and parliaments in Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands and Finland urged the Council of Ministers to implement the Court ruling and remove the PMOI from the EU terror list.

The Christian Democrat, Social Democrat, Liberal and the Green political groups in the German Parliament’s Human Rights and Human Affairs Committee described the Council’s conduct in respect of the Court verdict unjustifiable, extremely disconcerting and arbitrary. They demanded that the Council uphold the rule of law.

Despite persistent follow-up by the PMOI Counsel in the past six months, the Council of Ministers did not provide any credible evident that would justify its decision. The limited documents that were put at the disposal of the Counsel after several months demonstrated only the Council’s political bankruptcy and the hollow nature of the terrorist label. The documents have nothing to do with terrorism, the most recent dealing with 2001, six years ago, and most going back to several decades.

Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that those in the European Union who, by violating the Court’s judgment and ignoring the views of European lawmakers, seek to shackle the Iranian people’s Resistance can never forestall change in Iran. The terrorist label on the PMOI is melting in the raging flames of the Iranian people’s fury and discontent that have engulfed the entire country. Even if they seek to mollify the mullahs by participating in the suppression of the Iranian people and the Resistance, they are again mistaken as this would only send a message weakness to the mullahs and embolden them to continue their policies.

The mullahs’ regime is the cause of the carnage in Iraq, has pushed Lebanon and Palestine to the brink of civil war, dispatched herds of terrorists and loads of weaponry to Afghanistan and, at the same time, is in hot pursuit of nuclear weapons. Accusing the legitimate opposition to this regime of terrorism is politically foolhardy and a lethal blow to the fight against terrorism that will let the real terrorists off the hook.

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