Russian spies threaten Poland and USA

1341.jpgThe Russian special services are operating in Poland very aggressively, and threat from their party is considerably high, the chief of military counterespionage of Poland Anthony Matserevich said.


On Thursday late night interview to Polish Channel TVP1 he said to his countrymen that threats from the Russian special services are more than earlier.


« In contrast to British and other western intelligence services, we observe very aggressive behaviour of the Russian services in territory of Poland. Threat has considerably increased really », – the main Polish counterspy remarked.


Last Monday in an interview to weekly journal Gazeta Polska, Matserevich declared that the number of the Russian spies now working in territory of Poland was not present since the times of cold war. The Russian agents, as he said, have considerably increased penetration into various spheres of the Polish life, especially the end of 1990’s.


The chief of counterespionage of Poland also has said that the Polish press and its management  are « under aggressive influence » from the Russian agency.


Washington is also concerned of the vigorous activity of the Russian special services in the USA, director of national investigation Michael Makkonnell has declared. The special anxiety is caused, as he said, with attempts of breaking of computer systems in industrial, financial and defensive complexes. Makkonnell has noted that «not alone one Russian» shows hyperactivity towards the American secrets.


« There are also other countries which do the same in attempt to take hold of secrets irrespective of, whether those carry commercial, industrial, military or prospecting character », – the head of the American community has told.


Two weeks ago director of national counterespionage of USA Joel Brenner has declared, that « the Russian espionage against the USA has returned on a level « cold war “.” Russia, China, Iran and Cuba are the most persevering threats with which we deal », – it has told.


The Russian mass-media’s anonymous sources in Washington approves that the Russian Intelligence is interested in information on confidential technologies, military projects and researches in sphere of high technologies. As they said, in it to Moscow China can make a competition only.

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