Egypt moves its diplomatic mission to West Bank

The Egyptian mission in Palestine has been moved from Gaza to the West Bank following the recent developments in the region, Egyptian Foreign Ministry official, Ambassador Alaa al-Hadidi said.

Al-Hadidi told Rose al-Yousef, an Egyptian daily yesterday, that the decision to move is in line with Egypt’s commitment to the legitimate Palestinian leader President Mahmoud Abbas after Hamas took control of Gaza and its government buildings.

“It is natural that the Egyptian diplomats will be stationed where the legitimate leaders are, in Ramallah,” he added.

Egypt had made the decision to move its Ambassador to the Palestinian Authority over a month ago. The Ambassador has been in Gaza for 12 years, since the signing of the Oslo Agreement.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has expressed his support for Abbas and his government.

He added Egypt will continue its efforts to contain the humanitarian fallout of the current situation in Gaza. Abbas had stated earlier that he will only resume negotiations with Hamas after their “coup” is overturned. He also added that he will not allow the West Bank and Gaza to become separate entities as they are both part of the Palestinian state.

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